Does anybody know of a tool like this http://www.musictheory.net/piano but for the guitar fretboard? I want to mark multiple frets on the fretboard, including multiple frets on the same string. The Tux guitar program will only let me mark one fret at a time.

THank you!
I'm actually looking for something that does NOT show the note names, so that I can quiz myself. I don't want to create chords or scales from predefined formulae, I just want to specify which frets are marked.
Hello guitarlovers,

My name is enjoyit2000
Mid age
Love guitars : 6j
Im from Belgium

I have made a tool with a friend of me and we wanne show
The logica of keys,scales,chords,the 7 modes,ionian,dorian,..
A lot of the peaple know this but a lot more dont know this.
for the love of music


Give love,peace and enjoyit
Hi truthling,

I'm sure you'll love Oolimo.com
It conatains a great chord finder with the possibility to find chord names by entered chord shapes as well and you'll find lots of different quizzes with interactive chord diagramms to select, drag and drop, modify, etc.

The chordfinder is here: http://www.oolimo.com/en/chordfinder.php

The site is all about guitar chords and totally free (no registration needed). I hope you like it!