Hey all. I have a problem (don't we all?). It's the kind of problem I've always dreamed until this point of having, but a problem nonetheless!

I'm fresh into the wilderness between bands, with a raft of truly awesome equipment at my disposal, and, before I list the equipment, my problem is: what the hell do I do with all this?! Here's the list:

Roland GR-55, Boss RC300, Behringer FCB1010, Line 6 PODxt, MIDI box to link all these, with a USB/MIDI cable to a laptop with Ableton Live 9 and FL Studio 11. I also have an Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX mixer too, as well as a couple of Roland CM-30 Cubes for amplification. Oh yeah, and in the event I grow an extra couple of arms, a Novation Launchkey 61, and an Akai LPD8 tacked on the top of it, just for good measure!

I'm kind of in a "kid in the sweetshop" conundrum with all this stuff right now, as there seem to be just too many linking/looping combinations for me to work out what is best for me! Does anybody have any good advice on how I can make all this stuff work together? I'm liking the Royal Blood kind of thing, and know I can get good bass emulation from the GR, guitar from the PODxt, and then loop them through either Ableton or the RC-300, but it's tangling my brain in a knot on how to do it successfully in the most versatile way! Just to add, I'm considering buying a bass amp to add to all this. Please help!

PS. I also have a Boss VE-20 vocal effects processor, although I add this as a side-point, as I sing much like I defecate - loudly, and without musicality!

PPS. Sorry if this is not the right forum for this kind of question. Please re-direct me if so
Play music with it. I have no idea what forum this belongs to, but its not this one.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.