Hello all,

I'd like to share here my latest album which is just released as of today.

It's called 'Insights Into Insanity' It comprises of ten tracks all related to certain experiences and insights of a mind gone insane.

The title track starts with drums playing over what is a mash-up of various segments of 9 of the songs from the album.

The first 3 tracks were written and completed in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a mental hospital. (quite surprised this managed to happen)

The album is currently up for free download.

Here is the download link: http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/565749/Steve-Hart---Insights-Into-Insanity--2014--rar.html

And thanks goes out to Bogdan Bungardean for the album cover artwork.

His website: http://bogdanbungardean.carbonmade.com

Here is the 1st track off the album for a taster, entitled 'Unstable Alien' :

Ominous atonalities in a symphonically sophisticated arrangement create a strange, odd, pensively tense vibe. Advanced composition is evident here. Occasionally I feel slightly dislocated due to a lack of continuity in the punctuated rhythms and motifs, but mostly I accept and enjoy this challenging listen.
Perhaps this sounds like an elaborate introduction, as it is full of suspense and anticipation. The piece never quite climaxes or blossoms into something new, despite its constant promise to.
But then again this avant garde sonic artwork perhaps creates its own criteria and conventions, moving in odd un-resolutions that evocate an kind of profound eeriness, a pregnant suggestion all of its own.
Either way, this is a courageous, clever, brilliant sound sculpture that rewards repeated listening. Full of vision and poetry, a refreshing change from the usual formula music so often heard.