Impressive! Nice to hear a 7-stringer that's not just a low-end chug-fest.
Nice! That first lead bit grabbed me right away and took me for a great ride. It reminded me of all the good bits of Avenged 7fold without the bits of them I didn't like. Very technical, clean playing. Can't fault anything there.

My one critique is for the arrangement. At first, it was a little predictable. Rhythm guitar starts, followed by second rhythm guitar playing harmony, then lead. A tried and true formula, to be sure. I was just waiting to be surprised. Then around the 3 minute mark, there's the chuggy build up bit that just lasts too long. Almost a minute of a 5 minute song. That would be the perfect opportunity for a blistering solo to show off those chops! I was really waiting for that big solo.

But what do I know? I'm just some dude on the internet. There's some great riffs there and some fantastic, fantastic lead playing going on. Keep it coming!

(Also, nailed the Zelda tune. F*** yeah!)

C4C? Cheers!
Really good.

That part starting at around 0:56 is way too repetitive IMO.
Loved the way you used the synths.

You know, for an instrumental it was way too repetitive IMO, I felt the song was actually played twice instead of being a full composition.

You have awesome writing skills, but I think the song is not there yet, all the repetition makes it get monotonous really fast.
Audio quality is good, though there is a lot of treble for me (though I'm sensitive to that) at times. Playing is very tight/impressive. I like a lot of the melodies. I know most/all of your tunes don't have vocals, though at times I wish it did have some vocals. Some good harmony guitars in there. Drums are good. I think I heard some synths closely follow the guitar, which I know is not easy if you're playing fast. Nice overall. Please review my music at this link (you might start with "Pack Up and Go" if you like ZZ-top):

Good composition! It's nice to hear a progressive track like this with the repeating parts/with a structure. Some bands such as Polyphia, whilst technically excellent, seem to neglect the structure and go solo after solo.

Your riffs were catchy with interesting rhythms. I also really liked the harmonies between the lead guitars during the intro and around 2:15. The synth worked well and the overall mix of the track was good.

C4C - Please check out my tracks Voices and Seeing and Black and White over at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32979764#post32979764, it's instrumental guitar driven so I'm interested in what you'd think.