Does anyone else here play one of these glorious things (lap, console, pedal)? Surely I can't be the only one.

I play a 74 MSA Classic D12 8x4. The E9 has an extra low E and G# and the C6 is tuned CFACEGACEDGF#, though at some point I may nix the F#, move all the strings, and add a low F at the bottom. I mostly play the back neck without the pedals to do Don Helms or Joaquin Murphy type stuff. Not fond of Hawaiian music really.

Changes are pretty uninteresting.

-I've got the standard Emmons setup on the E9 pedals
-LKL does the standard E (4 & 8) -> F thing
-LKR does the opposite (E -> D#)
-RKL raises the high F# -> G# (though I rarely ever push it farther than a half sharp G) and drops the middle G# (6) to G
-RKR only drops the high D# to D (no 9th string change and I don't like the D# -> D/C# half stop thing).

-D pedal raises the As to Bs
-E Raises the low C to D, F to F#, and the 3rd string D to E (I think)
-F Lowers I either the lower E or G half a step (don't remember which without it in front of me) and raises the higher E to F
-G Raises the middle A and C up to B and D
-H is the basic splat pedal change, lowering the low C to A, F to E, and raising the middle C (9th string) to C#
-RKR lowers the highest C to B (sometimes put it to Bb, but I don't really use it

I use mainly this one 7 1/2ish John Pearse bullet bar, but also sometimes an old 70s Dunlop 921 11 1/2 oz monster that I got from a friend. I run it with an Ernie Ball VP Jr through a little Peavey Backstage practice amp (no reverb unfortunately).

I'm also thinking about getting a decent 8 string lap steel with just a basic ACEGACEG tuning or even D8 console (maybe like a Stringmaster Double) just because it would be way lighter and more portable than the MSA Classic.
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