Hello I am hoping someone with recording experience could please help me. I just purchased a Komplete Audio 6 Interface. It came with cubase 6 and some other software, I simply want to record some of my songs but am confused by using this piece of equipment.

I read the manual and have all the software installed. I am running windows 8 64-bit with 8GB RAM and a GTX 750ti. I have the device connected to the computer via USB, my guitar is plugged into the device Line 1 input and is set to INST. I guess I don't understand how to record from here, I really have absolutely no clue what to do, I am completely new to this. The manual was of no help whatsoever as far as using the software in the bundle. It showed me how to setup my guitar, but now I don't understand how the software works with the device.

"Komplete audio 6 main output" is set to my default playback device, and "Komplete audio 6 input 1/2" is set to my default recording device. Now when I open a new project in cubase I am able to "add an instrument" track. Maybe I'm getting somewhere? I play my guitar and don't hear anything. I go to "device setup" and set "Komplete Audio 6" as my ASIO driver. I try playing my guitar and don't hear anything.

Could someone please help me? I just want to record some guitar instrumentals and am feeling very overwhelmed right now and would appreciate it if someone could explain what I need to do and maybe how the device and software go together, or give me some related resources that might help. Cause as of now I can't even get my guitar setup for simple recording. Thanks.
Also, when I open "Guitar Rig 5" I can see that it is detecting my guitar, when I play my guitar the green light flashes in sync on the audio device itself (under line 1), and in the software I can see the bar moving up and down in accordance with how fast/hard I'm playing, but I don't have headphones plugged into the komplete interface (I have to get a 3.5mm adapter for my headphones to plug into the physical unit), so there is nothing plugged directly into the device for playback. Is this why I can't hear anything in Guitar Rig 5? I thought maybe because there was a USB that audio was transferred to my computer, I did not know this device is like a stand-alone audio card. In cubase the guitar is not being detected (no bars moving). Is there something I need to set up in cubase to be able to get my guitar detected and thus I can start recording?
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