I love this type of music, recently got into it and have been trying to get a sound like this. I like the beat a lot especially the triplet hi-hat. The mix could be brought up a little bit and could use a really fat bassline to pull things a long but theres a nice pulse going on in the background. Definetly needs a good rap over it. The ending was a bit surprising, I thought another song had started. Could use a bit more going on, but its short and sweet, I liked it man.

My biggest gripe is the snare, I know you wanted something that wasn't too harsh, but you probably should have done that with side sticks or reverb. As it is the snare sounds unpleasantly muffled.
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Thanks for the feedback, will do your C4C when I'm back from college at 5. I'm still relatively new to producing so the **** ups are simply trial and error, will try and get the snare sounding less muffle and the bass line thicker. Thanks guys!
I'm kind of an experimental drug taker so a lot of it is influenced of acid or i25. Mostly of cannabis though. I will check yours out in an hour or so
done both your guys C4C's, sorry they couldn't be longer a bit better criticism but I'm in college so don't have much free time, i have updated the track on sound cloud hopefully sorting the mix out a bit, being new to producing i don't know how to make my tracks louder after export as nothing seems to work, any advice would be helpful, i work on logic pro atm
Hi Liam,
I liked your song a lot. Love the chill, slightly jazzy yet trippy feel of it. Great sounds, cool rhythms, nice vibe. I agree with rgdmar in "bouncyness". There's a lot hopping between left and right, and when the part changes it really feels refreshing. I kind of wish the piano was a bit louder. Love the bass, love the drums in the end. I found that this song works well looped. As I was listening to this I didn't even realize it had started again. Overall, sounds nice and clean.
I, as well, am new to producing so I know how you feel

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thnaks for the feedback! i agree that the piano sounds a bit quiet but i have recently changed that and it sounds a bit more prominent. I will check yours out soon