if you use a chorus pedal for a song and it's only used in a clean parts of the song and you need to switch to a distortion channel quickly without using the chorus pedal, do you need to manually turn off the chorus pedal when switching to the od channel?

or can you set it up that the fx loop works only for the clean channel?

do dual channel amps with fx loops work like this ?

more specifically im taking about the blackstar ht-5 which is a 2 channel amp with an fx loop.
Separate entities that need to be switched accordingly.
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You have to turn it off manually.

There are however some amps in which you can turn on/off the effects loop using the footswitch in the same manner that some allow you to turn on/off reverb. Either way you'd still have to physically press another switch apart from the channel switch.
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Some amps have assignable fx loops per channel and what not. I have an egnater vengeance, and on the footswitch you can pick clean/lead/or both channels with a toggle. I think on amps like diezel vh4 each channel can have its own fx loop (which is awesome, but i bet youd wind up with cables all over the place). This is one of those instances where i think modeling/multi fx systems kick ass. Love that you can access drastically different settings with the press of a footswitch.
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it's pretty handy but then you're screwed if you have a pedal which you'd like to use across both channels (assuming you still want separate loops per channel for your other pedals) like a lot of these things it's a double-edged sword...

but yeah i'm guessing with the ht5 it's as cath says- you need to manually switch them.
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