Hey everyone i have a BC rich that has 1 tone and 1 volume with a 3 way toggle switch. it had passive pickups in it before and i put a set of Seymour Duncan Mick Thomson Blackouts in it and the guitar doesn't really sound up to par.

The problem is is that the pups are not sounding very good and they need so so much damn gain to get some sound out of them. same goes with distortion. After you pump ridiculous amounts of gain into the guitar the tone is so crappy. and they are extremely quiet and when i do get some noise outta them they sound so crappy. I have eliminated that it is not pickup height either. Would really like some help on this because i spent over 200$ for the pickups.

For Your Information it is a B.c Rich Revenge warlock with a tune-o-matic floating bridge. I am using a silver tone tiny amp and a 40 watt brand new fender mustang. and i know its not the amp or cords because it does the same exact thing on both amps and switching cords and all that. i really wanna fix this problem. thank you so much to whoever can answer this.
Replace the battery.
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