I put some music in my music website: "Light Up the Sky" is the song on top, and "Pack Up and Go2" is the next song down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review my music, I will review yours, I promise! Here is the link:

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Hey dude! So this kind of music is out of my depth.. and I don't rlly know what your going for.. but i can comment on your vocals which i seriously enjoyed they have some attitude to it which i like.. the bass pops out a lot in the verses which i found kinda overwhelmed my monitors.. But the choruss and the intro were great.. nice composition dude!
enjoyed the first song quite a lot as it gave me a very NIN vibe which i dig, the second son had a very stoner rock instrumental then the vocals hit me with a dark alice coopery sound that i totally didn't expect, i love it!. I would recommend making them sound a bit more full.
Thanks for the feedback and crit Aaron,

I had a listen to your two tracks, you have a diverse sound and can hear different influences to each of your tracks.

Light up the sky - I really like the industrial sounding intro and your use of synths throughout the track. The bass really drives the song and the instrument is well written for and played, although it does come across as slightly loud in the mix. The overall arrangement as the song progressed was really good, particularly around 1:35 where the track sounded really full. I got a slight less heavy/electronic Mastodon image in my head.

Pack up and go - I like the vocal effects you used and the layering techniques you used. The sound effect around 2:00 - 2:05 acted as a good transition.
Very cool! I dig this.

Light Up The Sky: I think the synths and electronic bits could actually be brought up in the mix a bit more. Good vibe throughout. Nice, freaky, out there feel to the whole thing. Like walking on the edge of a razor blade.

Pack Up And Go: Reminds me of Adrian Belew's "Big Electric Cat" in terms of tempo and feel. Nice job! The guitar eq on this one seems a bit harsh when compared to the rest of the instrumentation. Not sure if this is intentional, but perhaps it lends to the raw nature of the song.
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Hey aaron aardvark. Thanks for the critique on my thread, mate (just so I don't get accused of bumping my thread I'll say this here. I considered using something like Melodyne on the bum-notes, but wanted it to be a "warts and all" appraisal of my playing. I'll consider it for next time though ). I'm a man of my word, and have fought off sleep for a few more minutes to give these tracks a listen.

Light Up The Sky: My favourite of the two. I really like the unusual intro - it had me really wondering where the track was going. When things kick in, it is a bit of an odd combination with the rocky-sounding guitar over what sounds like something that would suit high inversion chords better, but you know what? I think it works - it's certainly different from anything else I've heard. I also took a double-take when the solo came in. Liked that bit a lot! All the synth bits are great too - I love a bit of synth

Pack Up And Go: This one I was not as keen on. There's nothing much really bad I can say about it, but I just didn't find it as catchy or varied as your first track. I did however think the lyrics were good, and made me chuckle. Again, the solo in this one was good, especially the big slides up the neck - they were ear-catching!
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Thanks for the critique earlier
I remember listening to your other tracks earlier. Like that time, the first thing that pops to my ears is your unique vocal style and voice. As I said last time, keep on developing that, sounds great!
Light up the sky - This song has kind of dubby feel to it. The drums are great, as well as the guitar solo and electronics in the beginning.
Pack up and go2 - Now, this is a rocking song. Nice slide guitar solo (if that's what it is, not sure). At first listening the vocal harmonies at around 0:50 sounded off to me, but now it doesn't for some reason. A bit T-Rex type of song.
Keep 'em coming!
Light Up The Sky - I like this song, interesting vibes to it. Pretty good vocals me thinks, also the synths and what not are great. Also sweet solo!
INTERESTING sound brother....kinda like trance mixed with wild psychedelic fueled guitar solos mixed with an industrial lite kinda vibe...never really heard anything quite like it...which is a GOOD thing.....i think you got something really unique here/......keep pushing those boundaries....sounds really good
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About Light Up the Sky - I really like the wah effect on the solo but not so much on the rhythm track (like before the solo) it's too extreme for my tastes. Production sounds good though
I wonder how your voice comes out if you try more volume? Especially for this kind of music!
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! Very often I'm told my vocals are too loud, so I guess it just depends on your sound system, speakers, or headphones. I mix on headphones so I don't drive my wife and daughter crazy.
Hi Aaron. Thank you for the feedback you left in my thread.

I'm listening to 'Light Up The Sky' right now, and absolutely love the aesthetic of it. It reminds me a little of Oingo Boingo or XTC; there is an analog aesthetic in the production and there are strong pop sensibilities throughout, but the juxtaposition between harmonic discordancies more traditional consonances, synthesizer interjections, playful vocals, and prominent slap bass (perhaps a little too high in the mix, though) are each novel and engaging.

'Pack Up And Go' carries on with this aesthetic. There seems to be a greater emphasis on thematic development rather than sectional contrast, which is a welcome contrast between the two tracks. Your guitar lead in this track is one of the more interesting ones I've heard, particularly the erratic octave displacement between 1:43 and 1:49 - that's just downright awesome! The drum break presented a nice dynamic contrast, too.

I'll be keeping an eye out for more by you.
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LOVE the intro - the bass when it comes in is a bit too loud for my ears

the vocal really fit in well, your music as always is a bit too quirky for me - Im really loving the warping synths on this and the guitar/keyboard?? solo is awesome!!!

this is my favourite song ive heard from you
Really like both tracks mate. Both very different but kept my interest all the way through.

The bass playing is great but did come across as a bit loud on both tracks. Love the vocal style on track two. The lead playing on track 2 is perfect for the mood of the track too.

Nice job!
Light up the Sky;

The bass was a little too prominent. I thin it could have done with cutting some of the mid frequencies from it to make it sit down a little better. The bass line itself was pretty sweet and worked nicely.The synth effects were nice and not over used. The sound of the vocals was kinda cool as well.

Pack Up and Go2

The snare on this one seemed to get lost once the main riff kicks in. Maybe the drums as a whole could have been a touch more prominent. The tone for the solo was pretty nice and the vocals have a similar cool feel to the first track.

Both tracks seem well written and played. The majority of the mix sounds clear and fairly pro with just a couple of little issues in my opinion.

Light Up The Sky:
-Great intro man, it really brings the song nicely.
-At around 1:10, amazing break
-The bass is a little too punchy in some parts, I kinda feel it beating my ears sometimes. Maybe use some multiband compression or just a simple compressor with fast atack and release will do the work. I know it was you intention to make it this way the thing here is that I feel there's a little bit more of it than it should and I'm talking about a light compression so it remains under control but still kicks ass.
-I feel drums are too low, that may be because the bass is doing a lot of percussive work. Anyway, I would bring a little more snare to the song.
-I kind of feel the song lacked a more outstanding bridge, but the solo you did was really nice.
-I really enjoyed the modulations you did in some of the verses, it was really nice.
-You vocals really brought that original and great feeling your songs have.

Pack Up and Go2:
-Creative drum, I would never think of doing something like that for a bluesy like this.
-I loved your guitar tone and the bass really complemented it, though I feel the bass needs some more compression, it's more dynamic than it should IMO.
-Great outro. It's the kind of outro that works as an intro for the next song on an album and gives you that feeling of epicness.
-Great use of the slide on the solo.
-The vocal harmony you did was nice, but I think they go a little bit out of sync somethimes.
-That scream at around 2:03 is nice but I think it should overlap a little with the following instruments.

Keep up the great work dude! You're a really creative bass player, a kind that's hard to find now a days.
Very creative music you have here. I'm especially liking the atmosphere you put into the mix, the heavy use of reverb and delay really add to music. Production-wise, I think you have the right idea, but some proper compression on the instruments would help a lot with your levels. For example, it sounds like you used compression on the bass, but maybe with a little too much attack. A fast attack and a slow release will help tame it and keep it from popping out so much and taking all of the attention. The opposite would help with the drums, as they sound maybe too compressed with too fast an attack, sounding squashed in Light up the Sky. Try using a medium attack and fast release, so the bass drum and snare transients can punch through.

Hope it helps!
Have you posted here before? I know you've done interesting stuff like this before, or at least someone did. I dig the experimental theme man. The pure unconventional manner of it is just engaging. I think the vocals need to be processed better but I like the melodies. Loving the janky leads in the first song.

Mix in the second song is way better! Totally thought I was listening to a hip hop beat/Saint Vitus mashup. Still don't know about those vocals though. I bet if you just tried to sing without the grungy harshness to hide behind you'd be surprised with the results.

Here's what I got:
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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! I usually post a couple of new songs on this forum every month; done it for years.
I just listened through several of your tracks on sound click. I like the variety of styles you showcase with the songs. the first two I listened to actually were Light Up The Sky and Pack Up And Go2 and they both had a totally different feel, but still work together. I agree with the others about compression on the tracks especially on the bass on Pack Up. Far Better Day reminded me of some 80s wave stuff with a unique modern twist. Overall keep it up and just work on production!
My critique in return

Light Up The Sky:
The bass seems really high up in the mix at the start. Interesting vocal style that's quite unique. The guitars are great inc. soloing. I don't usually listen to music quite like this. Maybe it reminds me of Oysterhead? Overall, it's a quirky little rock song that's still serious.

Pack Up And Go:
I like the heavy wall of guitar when it kicks in. Soloing great again. The vocals and the song overall sound a bit like Alice Cooper channeling Korn if you ask me. I would say I like it most out of the two. Not sure what either of them are about though.
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Light up the sky:
The bassline is fantastic, very unique and funky, and very much to my tastes! I don't like the declamatory sort of vocals but they definitely 'work' with the style. I enjoyed how the introduction obscured the direction of the track aswell!
However, I think the production is letting you down a lot here - I don't mean this to be picky, I mean that through my system I genuinely can't hear anything other than the bassline and vocals! I'd like to hear more what the guitars/synths and drums are doing.

Pack up and go:
Production is definitely stronger on this one, fatter and actually clearer mix despite a lot of depth in the mid range - vocals, bunch of delay on the vocals, distorted guitars and the midsy bass tone all cut through. Again, I don't like the style of the vocals but I can't say that they don't fit your music well. Not much else to say about this, I find the musical arrangement very generic compared to the first track, but that isn't always a bad thing.
Light up the Sky:
I'm not sure if this is a genre I'm just not aware of, or if you just have an incredibly unique sound, but I dig it. I really like the strange vocal style and the prominent bass lines. I think the production and mixing needs quite a bit of work though, but I think you've definitely got something here man.

Pack Up and Go2:
Nothing really stood out to me as much as the first song, but this one is still solid. Not as "experimental" as the first, much more straightforward. The creepy vocals are a nice addition. As with the first song, with better production and mixing this would be a pretty solid song.
Hey finally getting around to reviewing these.

I already like the elctronic and bizzare feel of the first track. The guitar is cool, good riffs. The progression is nice to and the vocals kinda follow it. Actually I have to give you props I think your vocals have improved a lot. The phased out synth is dope followed by another sweet solo which is to be expected from you at this point :P I feel like the drum beat could be a lot more driving. Half expected the end to go all dubstep. Keep that in mind, just a little dubstep in these songs could really add something that you may not have experimented with before.

Second song
Sludgy, I like the bass a lot. The vocals this time...I guess they fit the song? They take a while to grow into something nice which they definetly do once you harmonize them with each other. Not sure if I like the verses (vocals), but the chorus is extremely unique and original. Once again, another sick guitar solo This song could use a better drumbeat as it leaves a lot to be desired. Damn, I'm alwasy left impressed with the guitar solos and especially the guitar tones of your songs. ALmost wish some synths were thrown in for some more flair like the ones in the last song but wow, you've certainly done it again with these new songs!

Could you perhaps C4C the newest song I posted?
Light up the sky
really nice mixing all instruments fit nicely together and tones of all instruments hit the right places only thing I could suggest is double tracking the guitars to give them abit more punch.

pack up and go
loved the track but disliked the vocals mainly because of musical preference tho, the vocals could do with being abit less grungy and I would like it sounds like Marylin Manson, sounds like you have a good voice!! don't hide behind the grunge, other than that the only thing I noticed was the bass could have been eqed/turned up abit rest of the track sounds mint tho really nice drum sounds what did you use to make them if you don't mind me asking?
First song, The bass is a bit too loud imo! I like the tone but its just too loud in the wrong frequencies. The song overall isnt bad! Reminds me of the 80s/early 90s pop or rock scene not sure.

I feel the song would sound fuller with doubled(if not, raised) guitars and RE-EQed bass. Raised bass frequencies around 50-150 with a semi focused Q setting.

For the second song, Again I feel this song has an unbalanced feel in regards to the mixing. The bass is too loud the guitars arent present enough. When they are present, they have a decent tone. The soloing is simple but effective with a bluesy feel.

For both songs

Not the biggest fan of the vocals, also i feel there are too many effects on them. I feel reverb/delay cheapens vocals. I also feel that both songs need more varied structures. They feel just a bit too short.

Disclaimer: Maybe i dont understand the style, I am not trying to be a douche, but i just dont want to give false opinions about someones music.

Which is why I usually dont C4C.

It only brings about forced opinions. Seems everyone is to nice just so you dont critique their stuff badly. It is art after all and there's no right or wrong way.
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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! Didn't think terran236 was being a douche. Actually, all of the rhythm guitars in "Light Up the Sky" are double-tracked. It's easier to tell with headphones. The drums in "Pack Up and Go2" were done with a Korg TR-Rack synth module driven by an old Alesis MMT-8 sequencer (I did all the drum patterns myself). I always mix with headphones (otherwise I'd drive my wife & daughter crazy), so maybe that's why the mix does not sound right to some people.
Thanks for the crit!

Light Up the Sky:
I love the way it starts out but when it kicks in I kind of feel like everything is from a different song. I dunno like maybe you were trying to go for a Frank Zappa kind of feel but didn't really grab it. I like the vocal style, though, good stuff there.

Pack Up and Go:
Love the feeling of this song so far. Its got a Grim Faeries "Love is Hell" or a MEDIA***** sound to it. A really great sound all together. Love the sound of the instruments and everything goes really well together and its got a nice flow to it. The best of the two I listened to by far, m'friend! Great stuff!
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Thanks for the critique man! Cool songs. The only thing I can critique about the first one is that the guitars seem a little quiet, but that could be intentional. In the second song the only thing that really stands out is the snare gets buried as soon as the rest of the instruments kick in. Interesting songs though!
Thanks for the crit as always man, although I do apologise for my late response!:

Neat track as always - got a cool new-wave punky feel to it! Although I'd say the production lets down the track a bit as the drums are very low in the mix as are the guitars. The bass tone sounds fantastic for the track though, just need everything to match it's volume maybe? Hope this helps!
Didn't read the comments but the song pack up and go DEFINATELY has a Skinny Puppy vibe to it. Takes me back to late 90's