I just noticed playing unplugged with my guitar that when i re strum the same string after i just used it, it makes a little sound while touching the vibrating string. Doesn't transfer to the amp when it is hooked up. Just asking if its normal? probably is and if it has a name please someone tell me what it is!


do you mean it makes a sort of high pitched sound when you lightly touch the string? It sounds like you're just talking about harmonics? If so then it's common when you accidentally touch vibrating strings that unwanted harmonics will ring out. That being said, some people are more than aware of this and can do some cool things with said harmonics.
If you're lightly touching with your fingers, you are probably making harmonics. But the fact that they don't transfer to an amp concerns my theory.

If you're just talking about pick noise, then yeah that's normal. It's a percussive action.