I’ve recently gotten some money and I wanted to upgrade my tone and rig. I have about 1500 to spend and this is my current rig is:

PRS custom se with a emg in the bridge
ts9dx tube screamer
HardWire DL8 Delay/Looper
Those two pedals go into a line 6 pod farm(which I hate, I want to get rid of this part of my set up)
Orange tiny terror
A 2x12 I build with my dad about 5 years ago (probably the weakest link)

I need an amp that plays all sorts of tones so that’s why I got the pod farm to begin with because it comes with all the effects I could dream off but since the years have gone I realize I really only use a metal and a clean tone.
I would consider the pod farm and the 2x12 to be the weakest links but what do you people think?
1500 in what currency?
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If It's poorly constructed and have bad speakers then yes the cab is one of the weak links. If you only use a metal and a clean tone what do you use the pod farm for? I say push the front end of the amp with your od for a heavy gain sound. For cleans disengage the od and roll back your guitar volume. It's either that or a high gain pedal but I personally never find them to sound as good as an amp's gain. You can also get a reverb pedal to open up your sound. You already have a delay you can use for leads. That's really all you need for a metal sound.
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1500 USD . The tones i use most are a reverb /delay rich ambient sounds where i get the reverb and a tape delay from pod farm. A straight clean tone for math / tapping and clean chord work which i current get from straight guitar to a clean pod farm patch. The final tone is a detuned metal/hardcore sound(like The acacia strain, A day to remember, ect) which i get currently all from pod farm(Marshall head, tube scream,eq,compressor, and gate).

I want to get a computer free rig. I mostly play half my guitar with a band in a small room and about half of the time by myself in my room. Transport isn't an issue.
I'll be honest. I see so many newer players putting so much thought and money into guitars parts and fx pedals, and playing through these crappy little amps. That's the exact opposite of the tone you're looking for, and why you see so many of these same types of posts.

Your amp is your biggest factor. Great amp + cheap guitar and no fx = pretty great tone. Better guitar makes it every better. Crappy amp + awesome guitar = crappy tone. You can throw $$$ at pickups and fx but your base is still that crappy amp.
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If you really dig Brit crunch thru Brit hi gain the Tiny Terror, TS9, and a V30 will get you there in spades. I had the TT for a few years and the little dude has balls. Where I always hit a wall was trying to get that shimmering Calif clean tone. Nobody does it like Fender and Mesa.

A decent Avatar cab with V30 will get you everything but the squeaky clean.
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