I have been trying to get dual amps to work for a week now with no luck, I'm trying to get the ideal sound with 2 amps so i disengage one of the amps so i can hear by itself and all of a sudden I hear what doesnt sound like the amp at all, what I hear is a clean channel, I have the treadplate in there and the fireball and neither is a clean channel amp....why ami i getting this? how do i fix it? and im also using the edit software
Go to the line6.com, they have a forum with with people that could help you.
You have to go into the control settings for the amp by double tapping enter I believe, and then you'll see a volume setting for your bypassed guitar sound. It's on full by default, which is what you're hearing. Just turn it down to 0% and problem solved. When you select that 'amp' it works with the regular volume knob.
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