Hello again, I am looking for a reverb pedal to add a tiny something extra on my bass tone. I Run a Gibson g3 through a tuner, POG, and eventually an overdrive, into an ampeg SVT V4BH into a vintage Kustom 215 cab. Any ideas? Looking for something true bypass, high quality, and not an extreme amount of options like the Strymon big sky for example. THANKS!
You have a great many choices. You might take a look at the T.C. Electronics Hall of Fame, EHX Cathedral, Wampler Faux Spring, and especially check out the Mad Professor Silver Spring and the DigiTech Hardwire Supernatural Reverb. For the price, I think the Mad Professor and the DigiTech Hardwire give you the best bang for the buck. But there are a whole lot of other good reverb pedals; to be sure.
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Awesome thanks for the help!

You are quite welcome!
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley