I decided sell my Epiphone bass but I'm not really sure what 'price tag' I should aim for, and the reason why is that I'm not entirely sure what's the model and therefore can't check its price online.

The info on the back 'tag':

Hand-crafted in Korea by Epiphone.
The Epiphone Company Nashville, Tennessee USA.

Other than that there's only Epiphone logo on the head, and simple GIBSON text right above the nut.

As I'm not sure what's the guitar model, I checked it on an online guitardater and based on the number:

Your guitar was made at the Saein Plant, Korea (The Saein Musical Instrument Co. Ltd.) in November 1995, with the guitar's unit number: 0151.

And supposidely it's an 'Epiphone Accu Bass'.

The bass was bought used (had 1 owner prior me) 4 years ago (e.i. 2010), in a very good condition. It's not been used much, just from time to time during those 4 years, mostly at home, a couple of times at live performances.

As for where it was being kept, on a guitar stand in my room.
The condition is very good.
Electronics work.
Frets are only slightly worn off.
Never dropped it, never fell down.
I'm gonna clean it up and condition the fretboard.
I'm gonna change the strings to new.
I can add a guitar strap and a cord for free.

Also, it was acutally won on an auction. I've won it for $220 and the seller was pretty unhappy about the winning bid therefore he was hoping to sell it for more. He needed quick cash that's why he went with it.

I'm not trying to sell it here. I'd like your opinion on what price I should try to sell it for.
Also if you had a bass like that, maybe you know the exact name of the model.

I'm attaching some photos. Had to limit the size to 500px though becuase of the requirements. If you'd like to see larger photos let me know and I'll upload them somewhere or something.
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I own an earlier version of that bass which I got new as my first bass in 1992 they are great starter basses and with the exception of sometimes a high natural action, play well. It is indeed called an Accubass, Gibson/Epis take on the fender 'precision'.

Here's the not so great news, what you paid for it at the auction is pretty much the top selling price for an Accubass Normally I've seen them sell on eBay and shops for around 180 - 200 USD
I have a copy of the Blue Book of Electric Guitars. I was downstairs looking up a bass value for myself and turned to the Epiphone section. Blue Book values are what you should expect to pay out-the-door at a music store.

Your AccuBass was valued in my Blue Book at $140 in EXC/95% condition. Their "Very Good" rating is 85% condition and your AccuBass was valued at $90.

Probably not what you wanted to hear but there it is. Hopefully you will find someone that wants an AccuBass. As Anarkee noted, these are excellent starter basses.
They were, as already stated, stater bass copies of Fender's Precision Bass. I think the Korean-made instruments are better than those made elsewhere. Since they aren't worth much resale, I would hang onto it. Everyone needs a good knockabout bass around the home.
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Honestly, I'd still gig with mine if it wasn't so freaking heavy. I put in SD Quarter pounders in it a few years back and its got such great tone for rock, punk and R&B.
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Honestly, I'd still gig with mine if it wasn't so freaking heavy. I put in SD Quarter pounders in it a few years back and its got such great tone for rock, punk and R&B.

You could always wear a back brace. I mean; isn't it a crime to let a fine bass languish in a state of non-use?
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
I actually play it at home sitting down. Its just not practical for standing gigs anymore.
If it has no resale value, don't sell it. I'm sure it has more "playing value". So are you going to fund something by selling it? Or are you just selling it because you don't need it? But whatever, it's not a "legendary" model or anything and it's 19 years old (not old enough to be vintage and at the same time too old to be interesting). And I guess it wasn't that expensive as new either. So yeah, most likely nobody wants to buy it, unless you sell it ridiculously cheap.
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You could also try tricking it out. Change out the pickup like Tam did, and throw a Babicz Full Contact bridge on it. You will probably fall in love with the thing all over again.
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