Hi everyone. Someone local to me is selling his Epiphone SG400 guitar in ebony, Peavey Audition practice amp, hard shell Epiphone case, guitar stand, and cables for $300. He is an older person who claims he bought the guitar new around 2 years ago (so I'm not 100% sure the year) but has hand issues so he rarely played it. He said he paid around $600 for everything and is asking $300. A quick ebay search shows that guitar can be bought for under $300 and retails for around $329 new. I just wanted to get some opinions on your thoughts on the price of $300 for everything. Seems high to me but I'm no expert. Thanks for your input.
Is it this amp?
The SG400 is $299.00 new and the amp, if it's the one above, is $50.00 new. Maybe? The case is probably $100 new. Might not be a terrible deal if the guitar plays good. Don't expect any good tones from that amp, though. Maybe sell that thing to someone else after you buy the package. Get some money back out of the deal.
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Used G-400 is worth $175 in very good condition the amp is garbage and the case is worth maybe $50 used depending on the case
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