I have been trying to find out online(all over forums) and through Bugera support, which position is which for the pre amp tubes since it is not labeled in the manual or on the chassis. NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW DEFINITIVELY. Since this is a 5150ii model rip off I didnt know if they followed that order or just your typical v1-v6 order. So FINALLY support got back to me and answered my question! Here it is for all who may need to know!

Dear Bill,

My name is Sam Daniel and I was asked to help you further with your question concerning the pre-amp tubes on the BUGERA 6262 INFINIUM. With the amp out of it's casing, and with the pre-amp tubes positioned furthest away from you, just like the picture on page 7 of the manual, the signal to each pre-amp tube will flow from left to right, starting with V1 on the far left. The phase inverter will be the last pre-amp tube on the far right. The signal flow for each channel is as follows:

~ The CLEAN CHANNEL will flow through half of V2 first and then be sent back to V1. The signal will then skip V3, V4, and jump straight to V5. It will finish off through V6, which is the phase inverter before the power tube section.

~ The LEAD CHANNEL will start at V2, flowing through both halves of V2, and continue on through V3, V4, V5, and finish off at V6, the phase inverter.

I hope this helps for you and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

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