Hello All!

I've recently uploaded my second track "Voices" to soundcloud. Listen here http://soundcloud.com/morphitis/voices/s-M8M39

I'd appreciate if you guys could have a listen and let me know what you think!

If you like my song, please head to www.facebook.com/Morphitis to check out some of my other songs and videos.


At first I was scared because it sounded a lot weaker than your first song, but when the song finally really kicked in at around 0:45 everything was just fine.

The song sounds a little suffocated on the low end, maybe the bass is a little bit louder than it should. The kick drum and snare could be a lot more present, IMO. Could also use some multiband compression to control some of the guitar chuggs, unless you really wanted their lows to build up a little bit more.

As I said already I didn't like the beginning of the song at until around 0:45, but everything else was freaking awesome for me. You should let the last note ring some more so it doesn't fade out too quickly like it is now, though.

Keep it up man!
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I was glancing at the new threads here and totally just said, "oooh, new track from Morphitis!" And I was not disappointed. I'll disagree with Mp8andrade about the beginning. I really like that long intro, mostly because I knew from your last tune what was likely coming up next. The part that started at :45 was cool but the part right after around the 1:00 mark really caught me. Nice long notes, melodic lead. Great contrast there.

My favourite part was around the 2:45 mark when your guitar tone really changed. It jumped right out. I was slightly disappointed that that part wasn't longer. But then another tone (voice?) came in. The arrangement is so well done.

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@spoonfulofshread Thanks for the positive feedback mate, the developing arrangement was something I tried to achieve on this track. For the change in guitar voicing at 2:45 that you pointed out I placed a stock chorus plugin on the right channel and left was without effect which came out quite well.

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Excellent job!
I really liked the melodic approach of this song. The "chorus" part was solid, and I especially enjoyed the parts at 2:45 and somewhere around 3:13. Very tight playing indeed as well! Writing and arrangement are great; I like how you worked with overdubbing, melodies and harmonies. Maybe up the bass a little bit in the mix, but doesn't really disturb me. Excellent track!
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Awesome song, writing is really good and interesting throughout. Sounds like it's missing a little in the bass department though along with a few other minor things. Overall I think it sounds sweet though! Really cool leads all around in it. Nice job
Another very well written piece. Composition wise, there is nothing for me to offer up as crit.

I did feel that this wasnt as pro sounding in terms of the mix. The kick seems a little lost on this one, and the toms didnt sound too great. But thats not a particularly big complaint in the grand scheme of it all.

Look forward to hearing the next offering.

hey man thanks for the crit! loving the riffs and the atmosphere of the track, heavy but a nice relaxing feel to it. Great playing btw. im digging the pull off riff / leads. My one crit would be that the mix could be a bit better. drums are muddy and get lost in the mix sometimes to the guitars. Overall great song man !!
All-in-all a super tight, clean, and structurally sophisticated recording. Good work!

I feel that the bass and drums lack some presence as a symptom of the overpowering (albeit great sounding) guitars. Without seeing your session or knowing what you've done, I'd imagine that rolling the guitars down by increments of 1dB at a time, and sculpting the EQ between 1.5 and 2K would allow for the guitars to retain clarity in the mix whilst simultaneously allowing for the bass and drums to cut through. It would also be worth dipping the 200-400Hz mark slightly to remove the slight ''boxiness'' present in palm-muted parts, and scrapping all frequencies below 100Hz and above 18kHz on all instruments to enhance overall clarity.

Otherwise, I have to remark again on the quality of composition; the post-hardcore aesthetic is present, and enhanced by a sophisticated dynamic contour throughout. I've left a comment on Soundcloud remarking on a particular guitar sound you achieved; it's pure bliss, really.

I've recently uploaded my first album in its entirety to Soundcloud, and would love if you could spare some time to listen and offer critique, even to a song or two of your choosing. The UG thread which will lead you to the playlist is below.


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Hi Alex

That's for the positive feedback and advice on the mixing side of things, I'll have to try some of the tips out in my next mix to improve the bass and overall drum sound.

Thanks again and I'll check out your album!

Thanks, M
this is right up my street, love the guitar riffs at the start

the part at 45 secs is utter coolness, great melodies and harmonies

drums perhaps need a boost in the mix or more specifically the snare

do you like Evergrey? I can hear their influences all in this one - this is superb, well done!!!
Now that's what I call a clean guitar.

Where do you live dude? You always shot your videos at awesome looking places.
This place really had a very Insomnium like vibe, which is really cool.
The composition is great, the playing is awesome. The recording quality is just amazing.

Keep up the great work!

PS: I like the intro
Nice arrangement, flawless playing and really cool riffs!

As to the mix, I like the guitar tone. If you haven't done so already, check that the guitars don't interfere with the bass and drums by setting high-pass filters to around 200 Hz. On their own, they will sound like crap, but double tracked and together with bass, the will rock. Also, I would try to take out just a little bit around 500 Hz.

Drums could be improved. Snare and kicks need to be more defined, I think. Snare especially. Needs more attack and room. If you carve out some space from the guitars in the 200Hz range as stated above, my guess is that the snare will sound fatter. Try and see what happens.

Bass is barely audible (if there at all). Hopefully, if the guitars are properly controlled with the EQ as stated above, it should have some space to make itself heard.

Nice work, feel free to review my latest work here:Savour the Taste
Wow, I really don't know what to say other than that sounded amazing. I wish I was more experienced to give mixing advice (some day). The chugging mixed with the fast playing, love it. Then the melodies come in and build up to breakdowns. Just my style you are inspiring. 1:30, awesome, the whole song is great. I really liked the guitar at 3:00 especially, very powerful and melodic. Keep making music!

If anyone could check out a song I have I'd appreciate it (not as good as the op): https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1658346