You can reply here but it might take a day or two for me to respond, whereas if you email me Ill respond promptly. I have plenty of pictures and a hard guitar case that comes with it. I prefer using paypal just in case any disputes arise it can be settled fairly but if I have to I will accept money order. Im willing to accept half payment (plus shipping) now and other half after you receive the guitar, but dont try to screw me, I have family in law enforcement. I'm asking for $400 or best offer.
Bro, the cops (or law enforcement) can't do anything if someone makes a payment. Even if you agree on half.
Best bet would be to get paid in full to avoid getting "screwed." And use Paypal with a tracking #. Plus, ALWAYS add insurance to the package. If it gets lost or damaged in shipping. You get a check in the mail.

My uncle's a cop and I worked at the post office for 7 years. So I know a bit of both.

Good luck with the sale, bud.
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