I'm having an issue with the 'Octave' effects on the G3X, when used through my Bugera 333 Infinium's effects loop.

All other effects work fine, but with this one... I get loads of unwanted weird noises. Weird distortion, and clipping etc. What they Hell's wrong with it? Why only that effect?

I've tried tweaking the settings, but the problem remains.

I'd appreciate a solution.

I'm not familiar with the Zoom in particular but octave effects usually want to be as close to the guitar as possible in the effects chain, meaning before drives. Try setting it in front of the amp and it should work fine.
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Multi-effects pedals usually put effects in the correct order. If it didn't, do that first.

I'm not sure how high-quality your octave generator is. I tried the octaves on my multi, and it was unusable. Meanwhile, I managed to snag a micro-pog for 20$...
Are you playing single notes or chords? Play any more than one note at a time, and the Zoom Octave effect doesn't track well. It doesn't have polyphonic capabilities.
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Considering you have another thread asking about an issue with your amp, it may be that the effect itself isn't the problem.
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