I'm not a gigging musician. I play by myself at home, at night, and at low volumes to keep the wife happy since I'm a fairly novice-intermediate player.

Currently I have a Focusrite 18i20 for I/O and I'm feeding a Onkyo with some nice speakers and I have another output feeding a VOX guitar amp. But in actuality I use headphones a lot to keep the wife off my a$$. I have several regular guitars but my favorite is my Variax JTV-69. I currently have the Pod HD500X. I find it, while not too difficult, it's just way overkill. I'd like something simpler. I'd like a lot of sounds (functionality), but I don't want to spend half the night looking for a tone in 1000 different settings. Foot control is really a non-issue to me.

I like the Line 6 Amplifi idea of getting the sounds from the song database and it looks easy to operate. That seems more appealing than searching through a million presets to find the one you're looking for. But it does store a couple hundred in case the internet blows up.

The Boss GT-001 looks a little harder to operate but does look like a much better unit since it's USB works and could jack right into Logic Studio without the need for the 18i20. I also like the idea of being able to control it on the Mac without the need of an IOS device. I also feel there's more support for patches. But I guess once again, you would be wading though patches to find the one you want.

I must be getting old! It used to be all about the number of knobs and features. Now it's about ease of use. Please help me make some kind of decision. I would love to hear your ideas on my delima.

Learn how to drive your HD500X
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Learn how to drive your HD500X

This, especially with you owning a variax. You can download patches from line6 (and other places as well I believe) for the 500x to help simplify things. I haven't found the 500 to be all that difficult if you use the PC software. You don't need to use all of the fancy things it has is you don't want remember that.