I recently dug this song up from the "vault". It's not one of my best songs but there are some things that I'm quite proud of, like my clumsy "shansin" solo in the middle.
It's a bit older song that has it's flaws but I decided to upload it nevertheless.


Really enjoyed your track, it has a laid back feeling about in parts and the sections around 1:30, 2:30 and 5:45 remind me of something by Moby, which is awesome. The solo around 2:30 is great and the chord progression around 5:45 is interesting.

The only thing I'd possibly try to develop is the main riff idea, possibly add a few melodies over the top to build up the arrangement but otherwise it's a great track.

I'd appreciate if you could please check out my new track Voices over at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32979764#post32979764

Thanks, M - keep the track coming!
Nice! The intro is wonderful and leads into the main theme seamlessly. I half expected vocals to kick in at that point. Solo section around the 2:30 mark is a pleasant surprise. Gives a worldly vibe to this piece (ala Bela Fleck). I like that it doesn't follow an absolute formula (v/c/v) and that it leads the listener along a continuously evolving thread while harkening back to elements of the main theme from time to time to keep us grounded. Very well done! Thanks for your crit of my tune, btw!
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Also, I need to mention that around the 6:48 mark your rhythm goes into full on Opeth style riffage....(a good thing) Not sure if you're an Opeth fan but man, it really sounded good!
I'll be sober tomorrow but you'll still be ugly.
~WC Fields
Arizona Sage - yes, you are quite right with the vocals. We have the intention of doing vocals but don't have the means to do them yet. But eventually!

And yes, I'm a massive Opeth fan! Thanks for the kind words, loved your song as well