hi - any tips on how I can use my behringer 802 mixer or other easy technique to simulate stereo guitar in my headphones?

I'm a 4-year experienced electric guitar (Ibanez) new player (though I've been a musician 30+ years on keyboards)...

What I do is play at home along with concert/youtube videos... not live gigging anymore. I'm old lol.

My setup: Ibanez GRX20, Behringer 802 mixer, Sony stereo amp/MDR cans/headphones, and a Boss ME25 effects unit.

I run the output of the sony stereo into the mixer, along with me25 output from guitar, and listen w/headphones. Whatever concert video I play along with is in stereo of course, but w/mono out from behringer mixer obviously mono guitar sound. If I do 2 1/4" outputs, L/R from the ME25 to the mixer, it likely would still sound mono since it's a mono instrument... any ideas?

back in my studio days decades ago, we'd split the mono signal, do slightly different L/R panning and reverb to simulate stereo; there's gotta be a better way - any ideas?

thanks ...

googling I find links saying how to add a second output jack, I don't want to go through all that, just how to do a 20-30ms delay on one channel/split it how?
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The Behringer 802 has a headphone out, it should already be stereo. My Xenyx 2012 is...just plug into that, you have stereo even if you plug the guitar straight into a channel with nothing but a cable, I've been using mine that way for the past couple of weeks both recording and learning to use the thing. I just dug it out of my shed recently and got a power supply, and before I get onstage with it I Have to know what it will do so I've been playing with it at home, plug into any channel and it's stereo at the headphone out. The 802 should be the same. Anything plugged into channels 1 or 2 should have full EQ and effects available, and even if you use nothing but a guitar cable it comes out stereo at the headphone jack. Judging by the picture I'm looking at it should be the top right 1/4" jack.

A couple of youtubes on this model:


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thanks Pete, good tip; I'll try that... also when practicing solo with the Boss ME25 (just got it today, works great), it's just mono sound w/headphones direct out of it, so I'll run that through the behringer too...

i just also ordered the higher-up behringer 1202FX today

and it's got built in fx so will run L and R separate 1/4" cables from Boss ME25 L/R outputs into 2 separate input channels in the mixer, and L/R pan and add a 30ms delay on one channel, may do it...

thanks, good to know re youtube vids, will check them out. the 802's been fine for years, this new bigger one's just $100 and has fx built in, so adding a little reverb/delay that's different on each input channel should do it.. with panning channel 1 say 50% to the L and channel 2 50% R
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If I do 2 1/4" outputs, L/R from the ME25 to the mixer, it likely would still sound mono since it's a mono instrument... any ideas?

Honestly I'd try this first as it's free. I'm not sure what all you can do with the ME25 but it may have a delay or chorus that is stereo that can give you that slight difference between channels.
Misprint...mine is the 1202FX you're looking at, I got the model number backwards. Pretty nice little unit, I'll be using it as an acoustic amp onstage tomorrow night, should make a big difference, and having the effects will be nice. Other guitar player is planning to use it for his acoustic too, so I'm planning to pan each to the opposite side, which will allow even more control. The 1202 has left and right 1/4" line outs, so each panned to one side will let me plug it into two separate channels in the main PA. That lets us each use the effects on the 1202, or the main PA, as well as all the EQ from both, full individual volume levels, and I might even set a 3rd channel up for an electric for one or two tunes where the chorus or flanger might be useful.

Judging by the pictures, the main difference is the 1202 has more channels and 100 effects. Effects are pretty good too, I'm in the process of writing down a half dozen or more that might be useful onstage. We'll be using it as the main PA for band practice too, it has everything we need without dragging out a larger board, the smaller 1202 and a power amp will do the trick. No monitors needed then. Used it last night at band practice for both acoustics, same way I'm planning to wire it onstage, we liked the way it worked really well. Should be nice for recording too, I've tinkered with that but nothing ready to go yet.

Any effects you want to use should work fine, just plug into the board same as you do a guitar amp. I used a Arion Analog Delay to get stereo guitar onstage for years, it has mono in and stereo out, just run the other output to a separate amp and it's stereo guitar. Worked even better running through the effects loop of a Peavey MX, that left everything controlled by the Peavey, including all my effects pedals and the amp's EQ, basically the same thing I'm planning to do with the 1202 but running it into the main PA instead, then sending a monitor signal back to us onstage from the main PA board.
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thanks very much, Pete, much appreciated -- what you've described sounds perfect...thx re Arion analog delay, good idea, with looping w/the Peavey. The Behringer mixers work great, they're sturdy and manage signals cleanly; looking forward to upgrading from the 802 to 1202. Your setup sounds like a smart one, good idea for stereo + fx for top quality.
A stereo guitar sound comes from having multiple guitars play the same part. The minute differences between the 2 takes is what gives you that large sound. Short of messing around with some effects, there's pretty much nothing you can do to get that sound live on your own.
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Hmmmm...so why did Gibson make several stereo guitar models? ES335, ES345, ES355...you get the stereo by putting an amp on each side of the stage or room and setting the individual volume levels so it sounds like it comes from the middle. I played stereo onstage for around 15 years, using the Arion pedal through my effects loop. But the same thing, put a second amp on the other side of the stage and set the volume levels.

Modern mixers will give you stereo simply by plugging into any channel, that's why they have that knob marked "Pan". It's also marked "R" and "L" for right and left. If your amp has a line out, that can be used or straight into the mixer. I used it last night but not for the stereo, for the EQ and effects, it worked nicely but we were running mono onstage, not stereo, although the PA mixer will easily do it. For running two acoustics, I just panned one left and one right so we didn't bleed over into each others' channels, and ran the main outputs into each respective acoustic channel on the main mixer. That worked perfect too. That gave us loads of control, separate EQ and effects levels, separate volume levels...and it would have still been full stereo if we had wired the PA that way, but we used the other side of the power amp for monitors so it was mono, which works fine for where we were.

I've never heard of anybody playing two parts to get stereo, in older tape recordings it was done by recording with two microphones, one into the left channel, one into the right, but only one guitar (or singer, or piano, etc). I've recorded that way plenty times. It's as simple as setting two mics a few inches apart and recording both at once. These days only one mic is needed, the board automatically divides it into stereo and can even pan it however you like it so it comes more from the right or left. Same cold be done with tape machines, by adjusting the record levels differently for each mic.
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