Recently I've seen these pop up around where I live (Serbia, east Europe).


They usually go for about 400-450 euros. From what I know, they're basically mark II preamps, and I could use that, as I play early Metallica (among other things metal) and really dig the tone.
First question I have is, has anyone here had a first hand experience with those? And what do you think about them?

Second question, if I buy it, can I use it with the equipment that I have and how? I got a 6505+ 112 combo and a Focusrite scarlett 2i4. I'm guessing I could slave my 6505, maybe even plug it directly into Focusrite... not sure how that all works, I've never had my hands on any kind of preamp unit like that. Buying a power amp is not an option tho, at least for now (no money, and they tend to be a lot more expensive).
Actually they are Mark III pre's which are soposed to be MKI/II/III pre's

Run it into the FX return of your amp and you'll be fine
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They are excellent preamps, and you can get fantastic cleans and drive sounds from them. The only issue is live use - it's very difficult to balance the channels so that you can switch back and forth and get the sound you want on each without huge changes in overall volume, etc.

That being said, in the studio, where such concerns are unimportant, they truly do sound great. I just sold mine after a few years of use. At the moment, my amp use is limited to about 3, and I have been trying to downsize. Otherwise, I would have been happy to keep it around just in case I needed "that sound".
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Slave it that's how I run mine and it works great. Mesa pre into RM100 head.
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I've hauled around various and sundry preamps in a small rack case. I'm down to two of the older tube preamps these days; a Mesa Triaxis and a Carvin Quad-X (*nine* 12 AX7 tubes in that sucker). Along with some switching, they can run into the FX return of another amp, so that you get all the choices.

Think of it as a steam-punk modeler.

Works quite well with a Webley-Smythe Pin .225W guitar.

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^That one's got me all steamy, I'm practically gassing ok that was horrible
It would go along great with this half-stack

Thanks for the input everyone, I'll start gathering the moneys.
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