My wife to be is going out of country for 10 days on a mission trip. I won't have any contact with her for all 10 days. I am very secure about our relationship so there is no worries on that part, but I am going to miss her. Thankfully when she gets back it will only be about 2 weeks before the wedding. I have some idea of stuff to do while she is gone, but I need some ideas for what she can take with her. Love letters of course, but are there any other bright ideas?
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Ok here are some essentials.

1. Some sort of identification. If she's travelling internationally she'll have her passport anyway, but she just needs to make sure that she has something on her that would identify her if she ever got in any trouble. Also some funds would be good. Not enough so that if she were robbed (heaven forbid) you would lose a lot of money, but enough that if she were stranded (heaven forbid) she could get a taxi, or use a phone, or something.

2. Clothes. She will need enough clothes for at least a ten day trip. Because it's a mission trip, looking nice isn't an issue, so even if it's just three pairs of trousers/shorts and maybe four or so tops that would be enough. I don't know the nature of the mission trip, but sturdy reliable shoes are probably going to be a must. Obviously several changes of clean underthings because you always want clean underthings. Sunglasses and some sort of hate might be nice also.

3. I would recommend some sort of entertainment so when she has some down time, she isn't bored. I don't really know what she's into, but she could bring a set of Monopoly or Candyland or something with her, and then just play by herself when she has some time.

4. Maybe some snacks. If she's going to be walking a lot or doing some form of labour, it's nice to have a granola bar or something that you can pull out if you need just a bit to keep you going. A water bottle would be good also. If she's going to be in proper third world, a dummies guide to making your own water filtration system would be helpful, so she doesn't pick up amoebas or anything.

Well, that's about all I have. Good luck to her!
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i dont understand what you mean, is she going to a 3rd world country type scenario? I have to go on trips all the time, and when Im deployed I always bring pictures and whatnot in for the times i dont really have internet access for a few days.
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