So I've been thinking about getting a replacement bridge trem for one of my guitars, which is a Fender Modern Player HSH Strat (I've included a link for it down below). I've been thinking about getting a Super Vee Bladerunner since it's a nice retro-fit bridge that won't require hacking up the wood inside my guitar like some other replacement trems do...

My number one concern with the Super Vee Bladerunner is something I can't seem to find an answer to anywhere: how durable is it's whammy bar? I'm pretty brutal with whammy bars. I've broken 2 whammy bars on 2 different strats in the past and had to have someone remove the broken pieces of the whammy bars from inside the bridge blocks of those guitars on both occasions.

The Super Vee website talks about choosing between 2 different adapter sets for their 2 post mount Bladerunner, which is the version of the Bladerunner that I need for my guitar: Amer/Mex and Asian. Which one of those 2 should I get for my guitar? Although my guitar is a Fender guitar, it's made in China (probably in the same factory as the Squier guitars, only marketed as a Fender guitar).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.