Hey all! I have just found this thread, and therefore this is the first track I have placed on here. It's the second take of an improvisation over a rock backing track that I put together. I was kind of aiming for a Satch-type feel, hence the distinct motifs and octave shift into the second "chorus". I also tried to slowly build the intensity of shredding so the most technical stuff comes towards the end. After the first take, I decided to change the structure of the backing track slightly, and it in fact lead to a couple of screw ups on this take, where I thought the song was going to do what it used to - they all seemed like a good idea when I did them!

There is the odd fluff here and there, and I unfortunately rendered it in pretty low quality (this is from my early days of rendering stuff!) so it lacks a bit of the clout the mix had in my DAW. It was recorded on my Ibanez RG, using a POD2.0 as my interface. I used FL Studio 9 to record into, and created the bass and drum tracks in there too.

Having read the rules here on crit for crit, and wholly agreeing with them, if you are kind enough to offer your critique on my little piece here, I would be more than happy to return the favour and critique your work too .

You're not required to C4C, though you'll get more replies if you're good about doing that. Some people say they'll C4C and flake out though. Yes, I might have heard at least one off note, but otherwise sounds rather good! If you record without delay or reverb (can be added later in your DAW if you have the right effects), Melodyne can fix the off notes (single notes at least). Nice lead playing overall. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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Nice playing, I realise it's a jam but sometimes I just want to hear a long note to break up the expectation or some double stops, gimmicky bends, switching pickups, whatever because 4 minutes of lead is a lot!

ALSO if you're using -well whatever you are using but I seem to recognise the drums from FL!- getting Addictive Drums or something similar will greatly boost the sound of your backing track!

Nice vibrato bend at the end
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