Hey everyone, I'm looking for a decent guitar amp (tube or solid state) for under $400. Something that is good for band rehearsals and small gigs, that is loud enough to hear over a drum kit and sounds really good for a Van Halen, Slash, Joe Satriani (hard rock and instrumental) style sound. Thanks
look hard for a JSX combo. in your range. they were sach's old signatures from Peavey 3 ch, very versatile.

or maybe a marshall JCM1000 combo DLS40 or something, that would fit the slash a bit better. post 2003 is ideal, otherwise intend on replacing the rectifier as that eliminates a lot of reliablith nice amps though.

should be in price range.

jet city would be fine but none of the above were known to use soldano AFAIK more of an american voicing. try one out though. i didn't like the ones i owned (three DOA and than just disappointment.
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I'd recommend a used Jet City amp. I used to have one and it's definitely loud enough for gigs. Great overdrive tones.


I have one as my backup amp, and it's always performed well whenever I've used it.
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I'm with Trashed a JCM2000 DSL401 would be great. Here is a used one it is $450 but worth the extra $50
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If you can get a Peavey JSX for $400, get it.

If you can save up for a JSX, do that.

If not, get a Peavey Ultra Plus. Or a XXX or 5150/6505.

I used to have a JSX, and I have yet to play an amp that does that tone nearly as well (that virtuoso/instrumental tone). Other amps will do it, but they're just missing that real liquid tone the JSX has.
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