I really love P90s in the neck position. It is really clean, and sweet.

But the bridge one, it is so thick for me, and sounded like humbuckers.

So I am looking for a specific P90 pickup that will give me chimey tone in the bridge position.

I am not expecting for P90s, that it will sound thin like Fender's. but at least, they shouldn't sound so thick to satisfy me.

So, is there any P90s that will satisfy me?
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I'd check out Vintage Vibe. VV is a one-man operation, so what you get is essentially custom wound. Prices are reasonable. I have a set of his singlecoils in a luthier's prototype Telecaster clone, and they sound amazing. I also am considering his HB-sized P90s for upgrading another guitar. The sound samples he sent me were super clean.

I have a HB-sized P90 from The Creamery installed in a custom Tele clone (different luthier). Again, amazingly clean.

I have also found similarly nice P90s and HB-sized P90s from BareKnuckle and Lollar.

If you can't afford those, I'd look at the offerings from RailHammer (HB-sized only), Tesla and Lace (especially the Aluma90s).
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lower/vintage output

probably avoid alnico II as well

some companies offer p90s with rod magnets rather than the bar magnet. I haven't tried them but that might help, too. then again, it might sort of change the tone away from the p90 thing as well.

out of the big guys i reckon a duncan sp90-1B would work.
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I've got a couple of Tonerider Al II Vintage that I like a lot. I think they may be sweeter sounding with more overtones than Al V's but I'm not sure as I've never done a useful side-by-side comparison. I chose them because I wanted "acousticness" without the brightness of strat SCs, particularly in the bridge position.