Hey guys,

I'm thinking about getting one of these 100 watt heads, but I have a couple of questions before hand.

Firstly, I had one of the original Valveking combos, and although it sounded good, it had a ridiculous and unforgivable (in my opinion) flaw. When you switch channels, there was a delay (silence) of about half a second. Very noticeable. Not much good for live use.

So, have the fixed that problem with the new ones?

If they have, then I'm just curious as to which pedals you need to use in order to switch everything on the amp. I know it has two separate inputs; one for a channel/ boost pedal, and the other for reverb effects loop. And it says TRS 2 button footswitch. Am I right in thinking you can use any generic TRS 2 botton footswitch? What does TRS stand for?

Could someone point me in the direction of where I can get two of these foot switches in the U.K please? Preferably Peavey branded.

TRS = tip ring sleeve of the cable's jack.

i think you could probably find the answers if you looked around. my head didnt have that switching issue. unless they got a lot better, you can do better with something else.
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Your switch may have been dirty - I don't remember any switching delay on my VK212.

Any switch should work. I used to use a Boss FS-6 with my VK.
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