Hi guys,

Been a while since I've posted any music but here's one I dug up from the archives that falls into the "atmospheric" genre, I suppose. Recorded using a Charvel Model 5, some ambient pads, and a simple drum loop. Recorded thru a Line6 Tone Port, mixed using Sony Acid Pro 5.0.

It's called, Between ---->

Thanks for listening. Happy to C4C.

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I absolutely loved this. I like this type of mellow, improvised, atmospheric music.
Great, soulful playing and nice ambience in the background. You got a nice playing style.
I've had plans to write something similar but never got to it. Maybe now that I'm inspired.
Keep up the good work!

Give a listen to our work if you have time

Hello, thanks for checking and out and for giving your feedback on my couple of threads!

I really like your style with the atmospheric backing track and your bluesy style, you had some really nice melodic blues phrases in "Between" and I liked the tapping part towards the end.

I also had a listen to retrograde. I got kind of an oriental feel from the backing track and you solo was well written and played.

Thanks, M