So after a time researching and learning about bass amps and what I'd need (big thanks to SPANNER93 and DSPELLMAN), it all comes to this, is not easy to find good gear near the city I live in so here are my options:

TC Electronics BG250 115

Carvin MB 15

They are almos the same price... the bad thing is that I can't test them cause I'll buy from a stora located in another place of my country (México).

At first I asked about the TC electronic BG250 115, the guy from the store told me that they have it, told me the price and also told me about the Carvin MB 15 that he thinks that is superior to the TC electronic one... I don't know really about any of those two and I won't be able to test it so I hope you experts can throw some light into this!

I want it to play for myself and maybe some ocasional jamm with a friend or with my girl...

I use an Ibanez Soundgear SR305, 5 string active pickups!

Hope you can help me dudes!

Someone know about pros and cons of each of these guys?

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On your second question, what kind of bass are you using and what kind of sound are you looking for?
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On your second question, what kind of bass are you using and what kind of sound are you looking for?

Ibanez SoundGear SR305, 5 string active pick ups

Well... I like to be versatile, I started playing rock and metal on guitar... bought my bass 2 weeks ago and want a good amp for it...
I'd like to play rock and metal but also I want to learn slap and pop to try some funk and even jazz if I managed to play it haha

Also, the Krueger is no more an option... And Im wondering if the Carvin MB15 is better than the TC electronic....

I've read good reviews on both, but also some cons... like the TC being digital sound or lacking the ability to conect to an external speaker and in the case of the Carvin that it may pick radio signal or that some models have some hum...
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The Peavey Tour TNT 1x15" combo is a very big, very loud, and very good combo. Moving it around is not fun because of its size, but it has huge power on tap and a lot of very good tones.

I do not know much about the GK. Having replaced their less-than-stellar "Backline" series, I am inclined to believe that it is a good one. GK has evidently learned from their mistake, and since their high-end stuff is first-rate, this newer line is probably a good one, too. Do not worry about it being a "floor model." The vast majority of "floor model" amps are in fine shape; save for the occasional ding or two in the chassis. Make sure you know in advance about any dings, dents, or what-nots before you buy.

Carvin makes great stuff. I think the MB combo is under-powered, but it would be a fine amplifier for you nonetheless.
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All I have to say is, I know three people who each owned multiple GK amps. Every single one ended up having issue with the electronic at the approx two year mark. Anecdote of course
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What is better?
1x15" or 2x10"?

Impossible to say.

When it comes to bass, it's all about the design of both the speakers and the cabinets. There isn't even a generality I could toss at you.
I think any of those amps would work fine. I have used a lot of Carvin gear over the years and it always performed as advertised and never let me down.

I own some TCE gear and it is quality stuff but their product support is beyond terrible. One of my monitors had a failed input board at less than 5 yrs old and the product has been abandoned. No parts available. I have to rebuild this board from scratch if I want to save it. I thought all products were required to have 10 yrs of product support in this country if they wanted to continue selling to the public. Annoying.
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Hi, I'm sorry for the late answer, lot of work!

We'll Im stil a bit unsure as what to buy...
But now it's all about TG Electronics and the Carvin MB 115...

If I play an active bass, 5 strings, which one will suit me the best if what I want is a good versatile sound?

I'm a bit unsure because the TC is digital, but on the other side, the Carvin has no effects and I don't if I'll miss that...

I should add that I want it for personal use only...

could someone tell me the diferences, pros and cons between this two amps?