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I was wondering if anyone else that live in a country where there is hot summer and cold winter experience the same guitar detunning issue .

I need to totaly reajust the rod in the neck every time the winter arrive and leaves soon as I put new strings .

I have a Jackson Kelly with Floyd Rose .
I live in Cleveland, where there was a 120F degree swing from January to July this year. Based only on my experience, it depends on the guitar, and how its kept. I have a telecopy I've adjusted twice in the two years I've had it. I have an old, Madeira LP Special copy, a Cort and an Alvarez acoustic I haven't had to adjust in years. The Cort is put away most of the time but the the Alvarez and Madeira are both just hangin' out in my living room.
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I live in Sweden where we have +25C in the summers and -25C in the winters. This makes for some serious differences in humidity, where the winters results in dry indoors climate.

Never noticed any setup issues, but I'm really not sensitive to setups. I regularly play very high action. Owning 15 guitars I notice something happens though. If I tune a guitar to pitch in the winter and then wait until summer to bring it out, it will have gone a semitone sharp.

I have not bought any nicer solid wood acoustics due to this climate. Without a humidifier, I wouldn't dare and I would never have a humidifier in my living space due to the risk of mold and other unwanted side effects.
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