I didn't see any guitar pick threads so I thought why not. Discuss your favorite picks and why, post pictures of your favorite picks your whole collection! My favorite pick definitely has to be the black nylon jazz IIIs. But I do use and love other kinds of picks.
I love the Jazz III shape but I need incredible durability. Carbon Fiber wasn't cutting it. I bought a few picks from a guy on SSO names Tom Winspear. The Shiv IV is perfect for what I needed. Insane durability and sharp as a tack even after a month or so of continuous playing.
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Amps and the like:
Laney VH100R
Seismic Luke 2x12
Dunlop 105Q Wah
Gojira FX 808
Line 6 M9
I use Dunlop thumbpicks. I have to get the Large ones to fit my fat thumb, and then file the end down quite a lot and into a point. When I get them just right, I can do all my picking stuff as well as with a standard pick, with the benefit that I can go classical fingerstyle whenever I want, and even try my hand at eight finger tapping (not that I've done much of this yet)! Has the added bonus that I've not dropped a pick on stage in the two years since I switched to them!
There's a reason you didn't see any pick threads. Check the rules or do a search for any of dozens of old ones.