I need my first amp. It will be used for practice only, so I don't want something over 15-20 watts. I play hard rock and tons of grunge.

My top of the budget is 150$.

I do accept used suggestions in good conditions. Thanks!
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Marshall MS-4

Don't get this. The Marshall MS-4 is nothing but a toy.

For hard rock and grunge I'd go with a Peavey Vypyr.
Other good options would be the Roland Cube, Fender Mustang or Vox Valvetronix.

If you can, get a version with a 12-inch speaker (even if it means buying used), it'll be worth it.
That will probably mean a model with a bit more power (30-40 watts), but it'll sound better even at low volume levels.
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Vox Mini 3 is a great little practice amp.
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Vox DA5/Mini 3
Fender Mustang amp
and maybe Nux Mighty 8 and Roland Micro Cube thing will satisfy you.
Peavey vypyr. I recently purchased a VIP 1 20w. and have not stopped playing with it. I love the little thing, and at $130 it's a great amp.
If you're really lucky you can find a Line 6 Spider Valve 112 for about that used. That or something from the VOX VT series.
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Amps and the like:
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Save a little more and get a Yamaha THR10X if you are looking for an amp that sounds good at low volume.

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