So I had been trying to sell my '60s Classic Series Strat that was just not doing it for me. After a I put it on Craigslist, a guy offered to trade his '85 Tokai Ate-52 for my Strat because he wanted a cheap Strat to mod. After checking that it was real, I made the trade and I am loving this thing. I wanted to sell the Strat and get a Tele or Hollowbody so this simplified it for me.


I used the serial number and what not to date it to 1985 but I have a question as I can't seem to find information on these: does anyone have a list of specs on them? I think the finish is Nitro because of the way it's worn but I can't be sure.
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I'm not sure if it's nitro or not. I'm not that well up on the specs. It seems from the pics it's a 2 piece centre-jointed body, which means it might be one of the higher models (I don't think it'd be an ATE-52, then, though, but I could be wrong).

The tokai registry is really the place to ask about these things. http://www.tokaiforum.com/
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