due to my home computer being currently out of action, I have to resort to this laptop for whatever i need. compared to my home PC, which has Cubase, my laptop's setup is a bit lackluster. However, I was wondering if there was a way I could record both my guitar and a video of me playing simultaneously, with very little software?
I have (obviously) a guitar, my Line 6 POD, a basic interface (if needed), plus my laptop, as well as the headphones and all the leads required.
Has anyone ever recorded this way before? I would normally just record straight onto my phone camera, but 1: the sound isnt the best and 2: my Amp's blown, so im having to resort to DI.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I dont mind if I have to install any free software off the web either, as long as i can record myself thorugh the laptop's webcam, plus the sound of my guitar (which i guess would come through the microphone jack)

Get whatever DAW (reaper's free trial lasts forever) to record and possibly edit your audio, either use the POD or some software amp sim for amp simulation, and use windows movie (or whatever video editor you have lying around) maker to edit the video and put everything together.
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plus the sound of my guitar (which i guess would come through the microphone jack)
No, don't do that.
You have audio interfaces so you can avoid doing that.
The pod is an audio interface among other things.

So either record the video and audio separately and then put everything together, or use the POD as audio input and the laptop's webcam as video input.
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I have used a free program called AMcap. It has options for audio and video inputs. I also use Videopad to then edit it. Videopad has some audio goodies in it.
However, Videopad adds some links to your start menu. They can just be deleted.
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