Hi! My name si Erich and I want to create my first album, but to do it I need YOUR help. Lately I've run out of money, and I have to take a decent sound card, get a drummer to help me and also a bass player and all this not inexpensive. To help even just one euro and if you give me the time to record and edit songs, I will publish the album on iTunes or Youtube. But to do this I need a little boost, your.
Here is the link:
Have you ever released any music? Have you proved that you deserve random handouts? You didn't even give an example of your playing or any real reason as to why people should give you money beyond "I want it"

I really don't see that this is going to work at all. I'd be surprised if you get any donations. I'm working on my first album too. I've not begged for 2000 currencies.
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Hi! My name is James and I too am writing an album. What a coincidence! But I've recently fallen on hard times, which combined with my inabilty to save money, means I have no way of paying for my album. Sadface. If you could ignore OP and instead donate your money to me, that would be great! You would be making my life-long dream come true!

Thanks again!
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Isn't this forum against this kind of advertisement?

Also if you don't provide any material for us to listen to and decide if we want more of that, why in the world would we give you money?
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Sorry but I have not said before, it is not mandatory to donate, donate only if you want. This is my first album, I have created music until now.
I do not have a job because of youth unemployment to 40% in Italy.
However now I've uploaded a screenshot of where I'm creating a song ... because you do not believe xD
Sorry man but I think you're missing the point. To get people to donate to these things you've got to give people a reason to. Something to make them excited, or at least interested, in the prospect of the music you're making.

Think about how many artists are on places like indiegogo. It's a lot. Why should someone give you money over someone else? It's not meant to be an insult, but it's a question you've GOT to think about when making an pledge page.
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!
@Chemical , I know, but i have more time for create a video where I explain my project,and when I have finished composing a song I will listen to the people, so they will know if or not to donate to the project.
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It also helps to be transparent with what you're raising money for. A soundcard, interface, and getting a local bassist and drummer should come in well under €2000.

A GOOD sound card costs 500 euro, the drummer and bassist ask 250 euro each. 2000 is a number that I threw them, but I put founding flexible because you decide whether to donate and how much to donate.
Companies exist to help people write good pledge pages.

I think from what I'm seeing on the page itself and what you've said in this thread you could really use some help.


Because all I've done is nay-say, here are some of the things I feel will put off potential backers:

1) The quality of the English

I accept that it's not your first language, but people are unlikely to trust a project if the communication is of such a low quality. Broken English is fine (as long as you make it clear that it's not your mother tongue) but when you're doing things like missing capital "I"'s and generally not making much sense, people aren't going to want to give you money. Is there no one that you know that could translate a paragraph of Italian for you? School teachers, parents, friends, etc? Helleven someone online might do it.

2) You don't tell people why anyone should back you

As I've said, you've written what amounts to "I want to make an album, but you have to pay for it." That's going to attract no one. General perks would be a copy of the album, maybe a tshirt, whatever. But you don't have that. Neither have you told us anything about what the album will sound like, you've given no examples of your playing and not even any demos. Something is needed. You say a video is coming but will that give any examples of the songs your working on or just you restating that you want to make the yet unspecified album? Even if it does this should have been up there from the beginning, you only have a certain time frame get money in so wasted time is wasted profit.

3) Realistic goals/what are you really trying to achieve?

Again this has been mentioned, the figure is too high and you don't need it. At least no one will be able to understand why you've got such a high figure, it's not made clear WHAT you're actually going to use the money for.

For a side note, if I recall correctly if a pledge doesn't reach it's goal I think the system forces money to be refunded (I could be wrong, it could just be common practise) and so before you set your goal far too high it's worth figuring out what you really need and how much it's really going to cost.
*I just noticed the flexible funding bit so this isn't actually valid, but I thought I'd leave it here anyway.

People will be wary of throwing money at you if you don't tell them exactly what the money is going to be used for.

As an aside you talk about money "giving you time"... you need time to for all this stuff? You said you're unemployed? People aren't going to pay your living expenses so you can make an album, that's just ridiculous when literally no one knows who you are. No jobbing or amateur musician can do this; hell a lot of big bands work day jobs on top of being in bands! Ideally you'd have already written the songs and would be able to show them off in some way so people knew what they were backing; getting those songs made into a decent form. That could even take the form of demos done entirely in midi or with soft synths. Is it about the time to do or the money to do? Which is it?

That's all I have for now. I'll add anything if I can think of it. This isn't meant to come across as an insult, I just think that you might need to rethink what your plan is here. Look at other campaigns, especially the ones doing well and try and learn from them.
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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If you really need the money then try kickstarter. You will have to promise something in return though. Why do you need to pay a drummer and a bass player? I write my own rhythm tracks and set them up play all my own bass parts. If you really want to do this you have to be able to do these things yourself. If you find like minded people and form a band then you can spread out the cost between members but the idea of hiring musicians for some project when you are destitute is a non starter.

I will provide a link to my music. all of it was done on a budget far less than what you are asking for. I use a Boss Micro BR 80 and two guitars and a bass. The last three is all on one guitar using the bass simulator. A micro BR costs 250$ US. You should already have your guitar.