I'm buyin a new guitar but i can't decide which (money doesn't matter) i'm playing metal but not like gojira or that kind of tunedown 1 step songs...can anyone help?
get the one you like best.

If money doesn't matter, look at some USA made PRS
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I'm going to assume you mean a strat with a humbucker in the bridge... cause otherwise there's a bit of tone difference IMO.

If its humbucker v humbucker then go ahead and play some and choose one that feels right to you, if it's single coil v humbucker then the V is going to be the better choice for metal hands down.. Unless you like to play other music?

Do you just want to play metal?
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For looks, the V is the way to go. Depending on the V you choose, it can also give you GREAT upper fret access (assuming that you USE the upper frets much).

For ergonomics, the original Strat may be one of the best designs ever. It hangs well, it's got a forearm curve and a tummy cut. I've never cared for the pickguard covering the face of the guitar, and I've never been a fan of bolt-neck guitars (though I have a few now). And original strats had fretboards that were too rounded (7.25" radius) and necks that have seemed, to me, a bit oddly shaped (deep V, etc.).

A V requires that you use a classical position when you're seated (not a bad thing), and the strap button is usually near where you have your fretting hand when you're in that upper fret area. Great guitar when you standing, less so when seated.

My V is a neck-through. So are most of my strat (ish) guitars (mostly Carvins), and most of those have 24 frets free (rather than 21 or 22), flatter radius fretboards, extremely comfortable necks, etc.

All that said, I'm mostly playing Les Paul type guitars with Floyds (!) these days, but one of my favorite strat-alikes is the neck-through Carvin DC-145 (three pickups in HSH configuration, with a five-way, a master volume, master tone, two coil tap miniswitches for the humbuckers and a "bridge pickup add-in" miniswitch); 24 frets, 14" radius fretboard, stainless medium-jumbo frets, ebony fretboard, straight-pull headstock, done in solid mahogany (body/neck) with a 4A quilt maple cap and a Wilkinson-style trem.
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