James Hetfield Flying V - "Kill Em All"

Replica of the first Flying V used by James Hefield Metallica made ​​from an Ibanez Rocket Roll 1973.


James Hetfield recorded the first three albums of Metallica with his Electra Flying V, which changed the pickups and added Gibson truss rod cover.

Over time James Hetfield was drawing on the body of the guitar and writing scratching it, which was allowed to see the original red color of the guitar.

This probably started because James Hetfield played using a bullet belt, which was marking the back of the guitar and by blowing the paint in some areas.

After many years faithful to the Flying V, James Hetfield changed guitar and began using Explorers, however, for the album Death Magnetic used his first guitar again, making changes in the electronic and placing EMG 81/61 pickups and new tuners.

The Electra company was made very good quality copies of Fender and Gibson guitars, among other brands.

This guitar has been replicated using an Ibanez Rocket Roll of 1973 because at that time (70's), both Ibanez guitars as Electra were created in the same factory and in this case is the same exact model, with minor changes of quality, that in Ibanez model are clearly the best.

The guitar.

This guitar is bolt-on neck. Both the body of the guitar as the neck are making in mahogany wood, with the characteristic that the neck is made ​​with three crosspieces, which gives to the neck a quality, comfort and durability that surpasses even the necks of Gibson USA guitars.

- The frets have been changed and leveled, and taking advantage of the freetboard that has been polished and nurtured.

- The rosewood freetboard is of an exceptional quality.

- Before screwing the neck, joint areas of the body and neck have been sanded to remove paint to the wood. Making this is achieved a better transmission of vibration on the guitar. This trick was used by Jimmy Hendrix and today is used by many professional musicians, like Matthias Jabs.

- The tuners was changed by Grover tuners, like the original model of James Hetfield. The holes of the original tuners was not covered respecting the maximum similarity to the original model.

- All electronics is active EMG.

- The pickups are EMG 81 in the bridge and EMG 60 in the neck.

- Added two pickup rings.

- The knobs and pickup selector has been relocated under current preferences James Hetfield. This can be seen in the photos of the original model and compared with this.

- All pickups and electronics cavity has been screened to improve the sound and prevent the entry of potential interference.

- The bridge is the original 1973 and offers a perfect intonation and a very good sustain.

- Also even kept the original screws of the pickguard and truss rod cover.

- Has also added a sticker that says "DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE" on the back of the body so the similarity to the original model is maximized.

As can be seen in the photos has been respected color, keeping the red colour base under the vintage white, the arrangement of potentiometers is the same as that currently used by James Hetfield, the pickups are the same as he used in his guitar and even has kept the original bridge and original screws, among many other details that make this guitar an unique and exceptional guitar.


With guitar I give:

- A padded case with carrying handle and backpack straps for transport.

- Original pickups and all original electronics of the guitar.

- Original tuners.

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