I am a guitarist. I play a seven string agile (In a far out tuning as of now) and have 6 strings as well. Writing progressive styles of music is my passion. I am looking for a drummer who wants to do online colabs. Basically: I write music and I just want somebody to write percussion parts and record with their own rig.

The style of music I usually make is a mix between, Meshuggah, kaki king, the faceless, and a wide variety of other artists. But I try very much to be original, so my style might not always be for you. So if you like modern music then send me a message. You can reach me here: jahkadimension@gmail.com

I will want to colab with google drive, and strictly use a daw for the writing and recording process. So no guitar pro or any other notation device. I believe it blocks the creative flow.

Just a side note: I feel like nobody will be willing to do something so dictated by me, but I always am looking for crit and creative ideas. Just know I am open minded.