Hi guys,

I'm looking into getting start with some home recordings, and have come across this:


Seems like a bargain, but I note that it doens't come with any software.

Does anyone have much experience with this unit? Would Reaper be a good package to use with it?

Also, the listing states that it's compatible with XP - which seems..... a little out of date! Does anybody here use this with Windows 7?

Just want to make sure I'm not pissing money away! Cheers guys!
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I don't have experience with the m box 2, though if it sound like the 3 it's a very good deal.
And even if it doesn't it's a nice deal 'cause stuff for that money doesn't have that much i/o options and likely also sounds worse.

There are drivers for windows up to 8.1, and it should work with whatever DAW.

Just make sure you have a firewire input on your computer and that the controller is compatible with that audio interface in particular - if it isn't then you would just have to get a compatible firewire card.

Reaper is good, mostly because it's the cheapest one and it's free trial lasts forever and it works, though my favorite one is logic and everyone has their own favorite, so download the free trial of everything and see how you like it before paying for anything.
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