Great rock song, I like how the riff is quite "choppy" and rhythmic, really gives your song a groove which locks in with your drums. The vocals, also, are very strong, good rock voice.

I like the part around 1:30 where there is a clean guitar and you build the distorted part back in, I though the arrangement was well done.

The solo was a good rock solo but you could take it to the next level by adding some more melodic ideas in their so it adds to the song.

C4C - Please check out my second track Voices over at this link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1657245

Slightly of topic but I thought the artwork for your song was awesome.

Thanks, M
Solid tune. I t is very much in the vein of 70 blues rock which I like I can see myself in high school banging my head to this . (OK so I am a Geezer)
@morphitis: thanks for the detailed crit. I agree with everything you said. My buddy wrote the song and did the guitars/bass/vocals. i recorded the drums. Always liked this song.

@Zhaezzy: haha your never too old to headbang ! Thanks for listening