Hey guys what's up!! This is my first post on this forum, please bear with me . I have been tossing around the idea of building a guitar because I would rather have one that is "built not bought" I do have experience wiring, fabricating, and making parts/brackets I might need, (I restored a 1998 4wd Chevrolet and my dad owns a machine shop) so I am pretty confident I have the skill-set to do this, but, I really don't know what it all involves. My idea was to-- start out with a (vw model) first act guitar that was given to me, rip all of the guts out of it, and build a guitar that is a lot better to play Jazz, Blues, and Soft Rock/Southern Rock music. The only real reason I picked this guitar was because it was Free!! And it seems to have a pretty durable shell. So I thought this would at least be a good learning experience. Now I'll be honest I don't really know what "a lot better" is but I figured you guys could give me some pointers on what you would replace/fix/throw out of it and we could go from there. I have never been inside any guitar before, so I didn't just want to tear into it and screw something up without a little guidance. Thank you guys for reading this book of a introduction into what I am trying to do here.
Depending on how home-made you want it, you'll have to do a differing amount of work. You might want to carve out or buy a new neck, drill new holes, buy new pups and hardware (I don't see why you would try to make a homemade bridge or pups), using routing tools to carve out the insides/binding, etc.

Just blueprint what you want and make it happen c:
Making your own guitar is more expensive than buing it ready made.
Look into Stewart-Macdonald catalog.
They have books explaining how to make your own guitar and all necessary parts and tools.
Other places for parts are for example AllParts and Warmoth
Good luck
I Agree with grego50 building maybe more expensive than buying.
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Hey guys what's up!!

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You might hunt around and find several of the build threads (TDPRI has them, MLP has had a few, etc.) that litter the internet. Gil Yaron (in Israel) started building a '59 Les Paul in his little woodshop and has a reputation for building these, now that defy the experts. That original build thread is around somewhere, though these days he's most definitely on the radar and NOT (it says here) building replicas that say Gibson on them. Officially.

Talk to Alan at http://www.acguitars.co.uk/acg_admin/wordpress/ He builds mostly very high end basses (and some guitars) but contributed a huge library of build threads to JSguitarforum (forum is pretty much extinct). He probably still has all the photos he contributed and is likely to have some very good advice on building guitars.