So this Christmas I'm planning on getting the jamup plug and downloading the jamup app and some expansions packs on my iPhone. What would be the essential gear for recording full band songs on an IPhone. What other apps would be essential for recording a full song with vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Are there any drum software type apps like there is on computer that I can use? How would I go about recording vocals? Would I need a seperate app to mix them all together? Any other essential things I would need for iPhone recording? I understand actual computer software and other devices connected to the computer are much better but I just don't have the money for that right now. Thanks for any help.
Full band on an iphone?

An iPad would be preferable for the extra power but a lot of iphone/ipad compatible interfaces are available, google is your friend there.

Then there's things like jampro and stuff for amp sims, unless you want a mic in which case you'll be buying standard entry level mic equipment.

iPhones have garage band available which will let you get some pretty okay things going on.

None of this is cheap, a good interface costs the same no matter what you end up plugging it in to. And considering freeware is more prevalent on pc than it is on an iphone (amp sims, plug ins, drum machines and even daws included on pc) as well as the fact you're far more limited in your interface choice on IOS I would recommend rethinking the no pc route.
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I would just buy an Apogee One and record on garageband. That is the bare minimum kit I'd use for recording vocals on iOS.
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ios Garageband really has a lot to offer. If you plan to do a lot of live overdubs you will need an interface like the Tascam http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-TAS-IU2?SRC=D1307BNGHAMS0000&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PL1&utm_content=iOS+Interfaces

You can actually get a lot of live recording done with a simple XY condenser mic:

iphone Garageband Demos:
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