I'll give it a shot
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Sick! The production on this is appropriate for the style and is professional in its presentation. I'm really enjoying the prominent drums.

I'm listening to 'Enough' for a second time right now. The blend of structural cohesion and diversity in thematic material is a match made in heaven (or hell, if you guys are into that aspect of metal :p ). I really appreciate metal bands who can effectively rhythmic densities and polarizing drum feels, and you lot fit the criteria wonderfully.
The melodic octaves at the end of 'Left For Dead' are a welcome contrast from the rest of the album, and the sickening unison bend at the 3:18 mark of 'Politics' is just acid; it's tasteful, and brief enough to leave a listener wanting more.

The whole album grooves immensely.

I've recently started sharing tracks from my first album, which is an instrumental effort exploring a variety of genres, but with a prog aesthetic throughout. I'd really appreciate if you - or even the whole band! - could have a listen and leave any comments you might have. The UG thread with the soundcloud playlist is attached below, but the individual tracks are available through my Soundcloud profile, too:


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