Hi I'm currently trying to delve into progressive and experimental rock... I have a few recordings on my soundcloud. I'm mostly influenced by bands like the Mars Volta and Closure in Moscow. I would like to throw funk into the mix. I just want some honest feedback and tips on how to become better anything at all really, nobody understands my music and it's hard for me to get thought provoking responses so I decided to come to a community of musicians.

here are two tracks that I improvised on that sound like what I want to go for.




Thank you for your constructive criticism
Hey man,

I'll try to keep this brief while offering as much constructive criticism as I can.

Both tracks possess a strong harmonic progression characteristic of the styles you're trying to emulate, and will serve you well as templates for improvisation and ultimately for developing concrete thematic material. Starwalker does this particular well with your bending motifs and short, staccato bursts (0:48, 1:20), and it's this sort of thematic repetition that paves the way for thematic development; of variation and morphing of material to generate dynamic contours and interest. Try re-voicing all of the chords in a progression to create a varied feel, or shift the register of your melodic ideas from high on the neck to lower, sitting amidst chords. Experiment with varying the good ideas you already have. You'll only know what material you can have if you give it to yourself.
With this said, your bending intonation needs work. Target the pitch you want to bend to, capture the sound in your head, and then bend a lower fret to match it. For example, the the 13th fret on your high E, and then bend the 12th fret to match it, Repeat this all over the neck, on different strings, and with different intervals. Your bends will sound much more controlled and expressive!

Don't overdo the depth on your effects; Starwalker's tremolo is incredibly prominent and detracts from the mix. By reducing the depth, you can retain the tremolo's characteristic oscillations while allowing for the other instruments to blossom in the mix without interference.

Most significantly, it's well worth improvising with other people. Your musical awareness will be put to the tested and ultimately enhanced so that you can create more sophisticated works through intuition; after all, you'll have to musically respond to sound gestures of others, who have unique perceptions of music and will offer different material to you. Each of your individual musical histories and experiences will interact and entangle to create something unique. While you may not end up with a Mars Volta or CIM sound, your influence will be somewhere in the blend of sounds, as will everyone else's.

I hope that this has been somewhat helpful for you. I've recently uploaded my first album to Soundcloud and would very much appreciate if you could have a listen and offer feedback of your own. The album explores multiple genres but has a prog aesthetic throughout, so I think it'll sit well with you.


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"Starwalker": I might have had the tremolo effect guitar a little lower in volume. Ending is abrupt. Otherwise, I like the song & recording. If that is your photo (with the blue shirt), you look like the original guitar player from Flock of Seagulls. Perhaps you could review my music at this link: