I just started practicing my false chords again and i'm starting to like my lows, but they seem airy to me. My highs are lacking and I'm lost when it comes to getting a true high sound, maybe its my vocal range but my highs seem more like mids. I feel like I'm doing something wrong maybe I'm missing a technique. I run out of breath with my lows faster than i feel like i should. Anyways, I'll post a cover i did of Carnifex hatred and slaughter. I know my range doesn't match, especially my highs.
I figured i was using to much breath, but i can't figure out why I do. It just seems like I can't hold back my breath. Any tips on that besides imagining holding my breath? What about highs, Will they come with more practice or is there another technique to go higher. Or an excercise maybe? I appreciate the help I will be trying to hold my breath back when i practice.
Highs will come with practice. Right now, you are blowing right out of your false cords that's why they sound weak and airy. Give it time and practice. Alot of folks fail to understand that it takes months for your body to build up the coordination and muscle tone required for advanced screaming. Your body has never had to do anything like what you are asking it to do.

So just give it some time and practice and let's see where we are at in a couple of months.