Hey guys,

I just got a low budget microphone and I started to do some recordings for an acoustic song (guitar and vocals).

So far I got some stems recorded (Two 100% panned guitars for each side and vocals on the center): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50154854/Acoustic%20Song%20Test.zip
I know there a lot of mistakes, and I don't know about the quality, it doesn't seems bad, but I'm just trying to do an acoustic mixing/mastering, since I never tried.

Please listen to the tracks and let me know what should I do with them: eq, compression, reverb, pitch correction on the vocals (I usually don't sing, was just for fun, so don't be scared ), I really don't know what to do, please give me some tips.

Waiting for replies.
Thanks a lot everyone!

P.S: My audio tools are Cubase and Reaper for DAW, Guitar Rig, Gearbox and Amplitube for VST Amps, I got Melodyner and the Waves pack too, and some other free vst plugins, hope it helps.
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Well, first off they're not badly recorded tracks, quite clean and not a lot of noise. You might want to back off the input gain however, as they're peaking quite high (the vocal track hit -0.1 at one point which is pretty hot). Always good to have some headroom Are the guitars already processed? They sound as if they're pumping just a little, but that could be any number of things.

Secondly, I'd not bother recording stereo stems, just record mono and pan them in your DAW. Unless you have stereo sources of course, like two microphones.

As for mixing, it depends what you're going for. Are you thinking of adding other instruments like bass/drums/strings? If so, and if they're going to be midi, you might want to record your guitar and vocals to a metronome, that way the midi will be easier to line up.
If it's just going to be acoustic guitars and vocals, then the most important thing is arrangement and composition - work on that first and think how you want the song to flow. It should be easy enough to work from there
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Thanks a lot dude, you really cleared my mind.

I just want it to be guitars and vocals, so I'll work on the arrangement and record it properly and than I'll post here.

Thanks again!