hey guys.. quick question. im looking to get a new guitar. ive narrowed it down to either the epiphone les paul custom or a prs tremonti se(with birds of course). they are about the same price new and used. the epi les paul being $549.00 new at least $299.99 used, and the prs tremonti se being $522.00 new and $299.99 used. i have played both and love both for my playing style. i play in a band that is a mixture of coheed and cambria and tsunami bomb and i play 80% lead. i currently use a pod hd 500 going through a 100 watt power amp.
like i said before i like the sound of both.. and im not sure which one to get. i love the look of the les paul custom(ebony with the gold hardware) but i love how prs' sound. i currently own a prs paul allender se with emg's and a epi les paul studio thats white. so theres where i leave it up to anyone who wants to help. what do you prefer?
Pick the one you like playing the best. They are pretty equal
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The Tremonti is a nicer guitar.
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I'd get the Les Paul because I'm more of a Les Paul guy than PRS. They're similar guitars in terms of specifications. But make sure you get to try out the Epiphone before buying it at least.
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Tremonti all the way. Better sounding, easier playing, and much much better build quality.
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did i mention i like PRS?

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Both of my guitars are cousins of those. I've got an Epi LP standard and I've got a PRS SE Paul Allender (which is basically just a cu24 that has EMGs.)

The PRS feels and plays mucho mucho better to me. In my experience the PRS SE is a safer bet.
the necks are totally different....

I never liked the wide PRS SE necks....
personally, i think SEs are nicer than most epihpones. but they are wildly different styles of guitar so thats big too
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